In time, these lessons and "stubs" will be migrated to the Buzzwords site.
Until then, consider them historical.

About these lessons

Study English Every Day--for FREE!

Starting soon, you can study a FREE English lesson every day!

These are high-quality lessons, written by James Baquet, an experienced English teacher from America. (See below for more about James.)

You can find these lessons by sending an email to this address.

More about the lessons

I want to teach you how to speak real, natural English. In these FREE lessons, you will learn
  • Current slang
  • Essential vocabulary
  • The meaning and use of idioms and proverbs
  • Standard American pronunciation
  • American culture, manners, and business practices
  • Global culture: literature, science, mathematics, history, and more
Each lesson usually has six parts:
  • GET READY: Something to think about before you begin
  • READ THIS: A story, a conversation, some words and definitions, or other reading
  • PRACTICE: Some exercises to do
  • NOTES: More information about the lesson
  • QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION OR WRITING: Something to talk about with your friends, or to write about
  • ANSWERS: Usually, answers to the practice are given in the next day's lesson
See a Sample Lesson above or on James's Weebly page.

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