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Mini-Lessons from Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011

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To get the most from them, you should try to use them in sentences, or discuss them with friends. Writing something on Twitter or Weibo is a great way to practice!
  • Link: Commonly Misspelled Words
  • Hist [History]: Trojan War: War between Greece and Troy (in Turkey). Tradition says Trojan prince Paris stole Helen, wife of Spartan king Menelaus.
  • Verb [Irregular Verbs]: I hear bells every day. I heard them yesterday morning. I have heard them for years. Make more sentences like these!
  • Idiom: crocodile tears: a show of sympathy that's not real. Tradition said crocodiles cried before they ate their victims.
  • Pop [Pop Culture]: Walt Disney: 20th-century American film producer and businessman. Created Mickey Mouse, and opened several Disneyland parks.
  • Slang: Don't ask: I'd rather not talk about it; it's too depressing. "How's your homework coming?" "Don't ask!"
  • Gov't [Government]: human (or civil) rights: the right to certain freedoms from government control, believed by some people to be necessary for all humans

  1. The Idiom, the History and Government words, and some of the Pop Culture words, are from lists in the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy. I wrote the definitions and examples myself.
  2. The Link was found online; the Slang words, the Irregular Verbs, and some of the Pop Culture words are from my own lists, and I wrote the definitions and examples myself.

This lesson is ©2011 by James Baquet. You may share this work freely. Teachers may use it in the classroom, as long as students are told the source (URL). You may not publish this material or sell it. Please write to me if you have any questions about "fair use"

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