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Talking about Ooze


What's the difference between a noun and a verb? Can you think of some words that are both nouns AND verbs?


James: Hey, Danny.
Danny: Oh, hi, James. I'm glad I ran into you. I have a grammar question.
James: Shoot.
Danny: Is "ooze" a noun or a verb?
James: Both!
Danny: Really?
James: Sure. You could say "Something is oozing out of the ground" or "There's some ooze coming out of the ground."
Danny: Thanks, James.
James: No problem!


a. to run into somebody: to meet someone you didn't plan to meet. "I was outside for lunch and ran into my boss."
b. Shoot: "Go ahead," in this case, "Ask your question."
c. a noun or a verb: A noun names a person (mother, Mr. Jones), place (home, New York), thing (bird, water), or idea (peace, love). A verb shows action (run) or the condition of something (is, seems). As James points out, some words can be both.
d. No problem!: a casual way to say "You're welcome."


Choose the best answer. See correct answers below.

1. Danny asks James a question about:
a. something oozing from the ground
b. grammar
c. shooting

2. "Walk" is:
a. a noun
b. a verb
c. both a noun and a verb
d. neither a noun nor a verb

3. Which of these is probably able to ooze?
a. stone
b. oil
c. wood


Set a clock. In one minute, name as many nouns as you can.

If you do this with a friend, have the friend time you. Your friend must stop you if you say something that is not a noun.

If you do this in writing, stop yourself after one minute and check the words you wrote, making sure each one is a noun.

How many did you get?

Do it again, but this time with verbs.

Now try to use ALL the words you wrote in sentences.


1b 2c (as in "take a walk") 3b (stone and wood are usually solid)

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