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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

K.O.'d: Boxing Idioms 2


Do you know some sports idioms for WINNING and LOSING?


Let's continue with more boxing idioms; these relate to winning, losing, or just holding on.

Match these definitions to the terms below:

1. a boxer wins instantly; one beats the competition
2. able to finish an entire fight; able to accomplish the goal
3. getting a break because the round is over; something happening suddenly and saves us from disaster
4. knocked down, and unconscious; having terrible luck
5. signal that one gives up; give up, surrender
6. unable to get up; permanently unable to function
7. unable to stand without help; very near to complete failure

a. down and out
b. down for the count
c. go the distance
d. knockout (also K.O. or kayo)
f. on the ropes
g. saved by the bell
h. throw in the towel


Sports idioms for WINNING and LOSING include "hitting a home run' (baseball), "scoring a touchdown" (football) and many others.


Use one of the above terms in each of the following sentences. Be sure to use the correct form.

1. Bleecorp is still in business, but not for long: they're __________.
2. Cal's idea is a good one, but can it __________?
3. Last year he was a CEO; since his bankruptcy he's been __________.
4. There's no way I was going to finish that report on time, but then my boss went home sick. __________!
5. This project has been bleeding money for over a year; let's __________ and shut it down.
6. We'll __________ them with our presentation.
7. We've got our competitors __________; one more quarter like the last one and they'll be down for the count.


1. Why do you think boxing idioms are so popular in business? Is there something about business that's like a battle? Is it because men like boxing, and for many years mostly men ran businesses?
2. Have you, or anyone you know, ever tried boxing or something similar (like kung fu, karate, etc.)? What is it like?
3. Make sentences using the terms in a business or every day sense, as in the Practice.


1 d; 2 c; 3 g; 4 a; 5 h; 6 b; 7 f


1 b down for the count
2 c go the distance
3 a down and out
4 g Saved by the bell
5 h. throw in the towel
6 d kayo (or K.O.)
7 f on the ropes

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