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Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Heavyweight: Boxing Idioms 3


What do you thing the word "heavyweight" means?


Let's finish off our boxing idioms with a miscellaneous selection.

Match these definitions to the terms below:

1. a big boxer; someone or something with a lot of influence
2. a small boxer; someone or something with little influence
3. a way to challenge a champion; now, a way to join in a political race
4. be hit (or otherwise affected) in a very damaging way
5. get angry and stop boxing as a gentleman; get serious about something
6. have a trainer or assistant waiting to help a boxer; have someone's support
7. one of the (usually ten) short periods of a boxing match
8. to face as preparing to fight; these days, to get into an argument

a. have someone in one's corner
b. heavyweight
c. lightweight
d. round
e. square off
f. take off the gloves
g. take one on the chin
h. throw one's hat into the ring


Use one of the above terms in each of the following sentences. Be sure to use the correct form.

1. I had to go several __________ with my boss before he agreed to give me the day off.
2. I finally __________ and told my boss what I really thought of him.
3. KFC and McDonalds are __________ for a price war.
4. Microsoft is a __________ in the software industry.
5. Mr. Breen __________ yesterday, announcing his campaign for mayor.
6. My boss really likes me; it's good to __________.
7. No one listens to my boss; he's a real __________.
8. Whoa! Look at these sales figures! We really __________ last quarter.


1. Name some "heavyweights" in their industries (like Microsoft in the software industry, McDonalds in fast food, etc.) and some lightweights.
2. Have you ever had someone in your corner, squared off with someone, taken off the gloves, taken one on the chin, or thrown your hat into the ring? Talk about some such experience you've had.
3. Use the idioms above in a business conversation.


1 b; 2 c; 3 h; 4 g ; 5 f ; 6 a; 7 d; 8 e


1 d rounds
2 f took off the gloves
3 e squaring off
4 b heavyweight
5 h threw his hat into the ring
6 a have him in my corner
7 c lightweight
8 g took one on the chin

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