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Mini-Lessons from Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2012

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To get the most from them, you should try to use them in sentences, or discuss them with friends. Writing something on Twitter or Weibo is a great way to practice!
  • Link: Speaking Situations for you to practice:
  • Ancient History: Pericles: (495 – 429 BC) leader in ancient Athens. He was so great that the city's "Golden Age" is often called the "Age of Pericles."
  • Irregular Verbs: I sit at my desk for hours. I sat there all day yesterday. I have sat for as many as ten hours!
  • Idiom: smell a rat: suspect something is wrong. "He says he didn't take my wallet, but I smell a rat."
  • Pop Culture: "Amazing Grace": one of the best-known hymns (Christian songs), written in 1779, and beginning, "Amazing grace! How sweet the sound..."
  • Slang: Oh! Look at the time!: used when you want to get away from someone. A: "Do you love me?" B: "Oh! Look at the time! I have to go!"
  • Government: cabinet: group of advisors to a country's leader, also called Council of Ministers, Executive Council, or Executive Committee.

  1. The Idiom, the History and Government words, and some of the Pop Culture words, are from lists in the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy. I wrote the definitions and examples myself.
  2. The Link was found online; the Slang words, the Irregular Verbs, and some of the Pop Culture words are from my own lists, and I wrote the definitions and examples myself.

This lesson is ©2012 by James Baquet. You may share this work freely. Teachers may use it in the classroom, as long as students are told the source (URL). You may not publish this material or sell it. Please write to me if you have any questions about "fair use."

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