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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Roman Numerals

Lesson from the Shenzhen Daily:

Practice the conversation; study the vocabulary; then discuss the questions with a friend in English.

1. Try writing the following in Roman numerals. Follow the rules in the lesson: 19, 108, 692, 3461. Answers below.
2. Where might we find Roman numerals? Try to think of some places besides the ones in the lesson.
3. Can you imagine doing mathematics with Roman numerals? Like, "What's DCXCII - CVIII"? Try it! Answer below.
Answers: 19=XIX, 108=CVIII, 692=DCXCII, 3421=MMMCDLXI.
DCXCII (692) - CVIII (108) = DLXXXIV (584)

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