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The Bronze Ring (14): The Hero Revealed


Do you think a king should always keep his word?

The captain of a magnificent treasure ship has revealed the minister's son, to be his servant.


[84] "And now, sire," said the young captain, "do you not recognize me?"
[85] "I recognize you," said the Princess; "you are the gardener's son whom I have always loved, and it is you I wish to marry."
[86] "Young man, you shall be my son-in-law," cried the King. "The marriage festivities are already begun, so you shall marry my daughter this very day."
[87] And so that very day the gardener's son married the beautiful Princess.


Here is some vocabulary from the story:

a. recognize: know someone or something by looking at it. "Do you recognize the man in this picture?"
b. son-in-law: a man married to someone's daughter.


There are only six types of person called "-in-law." All others must be described (my wife's grandfather; my husband's uncle).
They are:

a. father-in-law
b. mother-in-law
c. son-in-law
d. daughter-in-law
e. sister-in-law
f. brother-in-law

Match the description below to the term above. Use "g" if it's non of these.

1. Fred's wife's niece is Fred's __________
2. Fred's sister's husband is Fred's __________
3. Fred's wife's mom is Fred's __________
4. Fred's son's wife is Fred's __________
5. Fred's wife's dad is Fred's __________
6. Fred's brother's wife is Fred's __________
7. Fred's wife's sister is Fred's __________
8. Fred's daughter's husband is Fred's __________
9. Fred's wife's grandmother is Fred's __________
10. Fred's wife's brother is Fred's __________


If you can, try to talk about these questions in English with a friend. If not, try writing your answers.

1. The king promised his daughter to the first man to return; of course, that was the minister's son. Why do you think he changed his mind? Is it fair?
2. What would you have done if you were the king?
3. Use your imagination and describe the feelings of: (a) the princess; (b) the king; (c) the gardener's son; (d) the minister's son.


1. g none of these; we must say just "his wife's niece."; 2. f brother-in-law; 3. b mother-in-law; 4. d daughter-in-law; 5. a father-in-law; 6. e sister-in-law; 7. e sister-in-law; 8. c son-in-law; 9. g none of these; we must say just "his wife's grandmother."; 10. f brother-in-law

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