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Mini-Lessons from Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012

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To get the most from them, you should try to use them in sentences, or discuss them with friends. Writing something on Twitter or Weibo is a great way to practice!
  • Tip: Translate (both ways). Get a bilingual book (your language and English); translate part to or from English; check your translation.
  • Proverb: Good fences make good neighbors: We will get along better with people if we don't get too close to them.
  • Academic Vocabulary: explicit: Clearly expressed, with nothing unsaid. "I gave you explicit instructions to arrive at 6 p.m.; why are you late?"
  • Literature: the Twelve Apostles: Jesus' twelve followers who carried on his teachings after his death. Peter, James, John, and others.
  • Art: The Nutcracker: a ballet (dance performance) by Tchaikovsky. Tells a Christmas story, so it is often performed at Christmastime.
  • Slang: stuff: things. Used by lazy speakers, or when we can't think of a word. "There's lots of stuff I want to do in my life…"
  • Geography: Sinai: A desert peninsula in northeast Egypt, between the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt across it.

  1. Academic Vocabulary is the Academic Word List from Oxford University Press. This is "a list of words that you are likely to meet if you study at an English-speaking university."
  2. The Proverb, and the Literature, Art, and Geography words are from lists in the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy. I wrote the definitions and examples myself.
  3. The Tip and Slang words are from my own lists, and I wrote the definitions and examples myself.

This lesson is ©2012 by James Baquet. You may share this work freely. Teachers may use it in the classroom, as long as students are told the source (URL). You may not publish this material or sell it. Please write to me if you have any questions about "fair use"

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